A destination for the railway.

An asset for the community.


The Strathspey Railway’s long term ambition has always been to re-open its line all the way from Aviemore to Grantown-on-Spey, fulfilling the vision of those who opposed the line’s closure in the 1960s and those who backed its re-birth.*

The Strathspey Railway Charitable Trust was established by the railway to deliver this goal by extending the line from its present northern terminus (Broomhill) through to Grantown-on-Spey – hence the project title “Rails to Grantown”.

As well as giving the Strathspey Railway’s passengers a destination and not just a train journey, studies have shown that the project will bring more visitors and significant economic benefits to Grantown.

On this site you can find out about the project’s History  its design, what’s been achieved so far, what’s happening now, and how you can help to bring the project to fruition.

* “Ath-Bheirte”, the motto on the railway’s Coat of Arms, is Gaelic for “re-born”

Latest news

While we wait impatiently for the next step that we can take in the TAWS process we are doing what work we can on the ground. A recent product of this strategy is replacement of missing and/or life expired fencing of the line between Craggan and Glenbeg by contractor Mike Gibson, and felling of trees at Glenbeg bridge by Scottish Woodlands. Lineside fencing is the railway’s responsibility, so apart from showing that we mean business the work also says to the farming community that the railway is determined to be a good neighbour.